Open Letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

I am a recent college graduate, a full-time worker, and a voter. I am writing this letter because of the sheer exasperation I feel when thinking about the state of our government.  I am in pure awe about what has happened recently. There are a few issues I have with your recent actions.

My first issue is with the Congress’ handling of the SOPA/PIPA issue. These bills were something that the American public, silicone valley entrepreneurs, and civil libertarians did not want. Yet you were persuaded by big corporate “donations”, namely from the MPAA and the RIAA, to go forth with these disgusting bills in the name of “cyber-defense”. What’s interesting is that very few of you even know what DNS is. Thanks to large internet sites, namely Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit, as well as a huge push by the public, these disgusting bills were defeated.  In this situation all of you were united. You were clearly in opposition to the will of the American public.

My next issue came in December of 2011 with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. I realize that passing a bill authorizing certain nation defense strategies is important, however what was appalling was the part of the bill that authorized the arrest and detention of American citizens on American soil indefinitely. Both parties supported this. This is horrible. It shows your utter contempt for those you serve. This abomination passed; hurriedly and with little media attention.

What angers me the most is the partisan bickering that happens the rest of the time. Congress, namely the Republican party, held the nation hostage last summer. It refused to sign a budget deal and then nearly made the United States default. At the last minute a deal was struck. The damage was done though. The United States’ credit rating is no longer AAA. Investors may be getting  nervous about our abilities to pay our debts if this continues, which I’m sure it will over the summer. Another instance is currently playing out in regards to the Student Loan interest rate. Neither side refuses to deal with the other. Thousands of students depend on those loans staying low, myself included. If you allow those rates to go up, the already anemic spending students can afford will totally dry up. They will put off other major purchases, such as houses, cars, marriages, etc. You all claim to want to see the United States continue to be the greatest country this world has ever seen, yet your actions suggest otherwise. You, members of Congress, are putting these United States of America on a path to national suicide.

Keep it up Congress,

A concerned voter


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