Tea Party

What does a run-of-the-mill Atheistic libertarian think of them(me)? Its a good question. When I first heard of them around tax day 09 my initial thought was “Cool, a libertarian third party! Let’s see how they grow and evolve.” Their ideas were good: Small government and personal liberty. Now…now its a different story.

Their leaders are people like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. These politicians are not libertarians. They are populists that hijacked the Republican party. They put ideology before practicality. They would rather see our nation fall than allow us to borrow another dime. I honestly hope that Speaker Boehner succeeds in talking sense to these people, because the Democrats nor President Obama will be able to. We’re crossing the River Styx, people, and if the Tea Party has its way we’ll be in Tartarus come August 2nd.

So let’s wish Speaker Boehner the best of luck because he’s our last hope.


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