Oh you…Bill Maher

I thought I could relate to Bill Maher. I really did. You know, him being a rational Atheist and myself being a rational Atheist. I never fully agree with Maher but I believe I could get along with him. I was in for a surprise, I stumbled upon  this link on a major Atheist blog. Apparently he believes that vaccines are evil. Fuck, without vaccines we’d still have to deal with smallpox, malaria, and polio.

In Maher’s rush to be a skeptic he’s been deluded into questioning the very medicine that keeps most Americans alive. Seriously. He believes that the Flu vaccine causes Alzheimer’s. He would prefer that NO ONE has their children vaccinated. Polio, Spanish flu, etc? yea he’d have them back.

Ugh, the stupidity of such thought. I’ve had the flu vaccine and damned near every other vaccine available. I’m relatively healthy (that damned Crohn’s doesn’t make things easy though) and never once did I refuse to take vaccines because I thought they caused my Crohn’s. What did? Hell if I know. All I know is it’s an auto-immune disease of the colon and that there is no cure. So I just have one thing to say to you Maher…

Get your head out of your ass.


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