Its okay when I lie.

Me? hahah absolutely not! No. I’m talking about politicians. Especially the one in the White House.

Oh President Obama, you promised this country peace. You said Iraq was a dumb war and you always showed how you were against it. And, for a while, (stupidly) I believed you. You railed and railed and said that Afghanistan was the war that should have been fought, not Iraq. So, here we are. In 2011. HOPEFULLY we will be done with Iraq by year’s end and a phased withdrawal of Afghanistan should start. But, you lied.

Now the US is getting involved in a civil war against Mommar Ghaddafi. My question to you is, Mr. President, where is the authorization from Congress for such a war? The War Powers act limited you for 60 days and those 60 days are up. I expected you to get one. But what do you do instead, you continue. You fire those who are against your opinion.  You sicken me. When Bush wanted to invade Iraq, he went to Congress and received permission. You just ignore them. No, you’re worse. You claim to be a constitutional lawyer and seek Congress’ support in everything. Yet, you avoid them entirely to fight war in Libya. Make up your mind. Be with the Constitution or against it. But the Constitutionality of the war doesn’t anger me as much as his way of fighting it.

He’s waffling on this. This is a war the US could end in a week. All it would take is a massive air raid and precision guidance munitions from B-52s and other weapons. But no,what does he do? He lets the Europeans handle it all. They are extending this war because they don’t have the capacity to end it quickly.

In closing, I’ll say this. I give the president credit for his handling of Osama. But he’s a coward in Libya. He has American money being wasted, American hardware being destroyed, and civilians being killed because he doesn’t want to end it.

He’s a joke.




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