Iraq War Veteran serves two tours. Gets shot 60 times by SWAT

This tragic incident proves why we need to end the war on drugs. An innocent Marine, who served in Iraq twice, was shot 60 times by SWAT. The War on Drugs gave the police unlimited latitude in this case and they did not even attempt to present their search warrant to Guerena. People, especially those on the left, continually complain about the PATRIOT Act. But why won’t they come out against the War on Drugs when that does virtually the same thing.

Ultimately, what the police did find was a few guns and some body armor. None of which are illegal. This case will come down to the SWAT and police’s word against the word of Guerena’s surviving family members. SWAT will get away with murder, a woman will be widowed, and a son will go without a father.

Such a shame.


EDIT: Here’s a link to the pima county sheriff’s office statement. Notice two things. 1. Guerena’s safety was on. He could not have fired first. the second thing is that at the very end the statement basically says its wrong to question the police.

read for yourself:


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